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GNX Inner Fender Components

Utilizing original blueprint documents, exact molds, and master components, Rick Hunt – a member of the original GNX build team – has produced a limited run of reproduction parts for the GNX: Front Wheelhouse Patches and Front Wheelhouse Extensions.

These are custom, GNX-only components you may want to acquire while they are available, even if yours are not presently in need of replacement. Any experienced car collector can attest that reasonably priced specialty parts are a wise investment to have on hand, and will certainly add value even if held unused to pass on to a subsequent owner. This is especially true if they have been developed by a member of the original GNX build team who is so well-respected and exacting in his craft. Each set comes with detailed instructions to ensure a flawless installation.

To inquire about availability, please contact Rick at

GNX Reproduction Front Wheelhouse Patches

GNX Reproduction Front Wheelhouse Extensions

Exclusive GNX Signed, Numbered, Two-Tone Matted, and Professionally Framed Limited Edition of 5: Original Service Part Blank, Bill of Material Document, ASC Employee-Only Embroidered Patch, and Inspection Report for Your Vehicle SOLD OUTNO LONGER AVAILABLE

Please contact us if you know of a vendor with a strong track record of excellence in serving GNX and turbo Buick owners.