Collector Status & Valuations

The Buick GNX has incontrovertibly secured its place among the most significant modern domestic supercars ever produced.  This simple fact is reflected in its steadily-increasing valuations, which continue to eclipse those of many other halo cars, both domestic and foreign.

When new, the all-out performance, styling, and exclusivity of the limited-edition Buick GNX came at a steep price.  The cost of the GNX option was $10,995, which resulted in a final MSRP of $29,290, a princely sum back in 1987.  Moreover, those Buick dealers privileged enough to be allocated a GNX marked them up well beyond their sticker price, and even this did not stem the bidding wars that often ensued by wealthy and influential buyers attempting to become one of the Fortunate 547.

In the valuation of a GNX today, there are four primary considerations:  Condition, Originality, Documentation*, and History.  Membership in the GNX Registry is important in codifying all of these factors and protecting the investments of both current and future owners.

Original (1987)

MSRP: $29,290

Current (2023-2024)

Concours: $314,900

Excellent: $246,000

Good: $139,400

Fair: $96,900

*Documentation includes (but is not limited to) the original window sticker, the GNX book issued and numbered to each individual car, and the exclusive embroidered GNX jacket presented to each first owner by Buick and Molly Designs.