Famous Quotations & Owners

Famous GNX Quotations

“Pull out the stops, ignore the rules, and do the GNX right. If anybody gives you any crap about the rules, have them come see me.”

– Thomas W. Weber, VP and General Manager, ASC Aeromotive Systems (1986)

“1987 Buick GNX Fetches $275,000 at Auction”

Brett Hatfield, GMAuthority.com (June 19, 2021 GNX sells for $275,000 at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas)

Barrett-Jackson proclaims GNX Registry Certification “Very important.

– Steve Davis, President of Barrett-Jackson, talks about the GNX Registry while waving Registry documentation during the auction of GNX 216 at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (January 19, 2012)

"Bob, that's probably the most collectible of late 1980's U.S. production cars, and it's about time one of them finally achieved true collector status. That one just did!"

– Mike Joy, Speed Channel at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (January 18, 2009 GNX sells for $101,480.00)

"Yes, sir!"

– Bob Varsha, in response to Mike

“Nailing the throttle ... was a combination of being shot out of a cannon and getting launched off an aircraft carrier. I have never in my life seen a car that could accelerate so quickly. It was just unbelievable.”

– Paul Zazarine, Renowned Automotive Historian and Author (2000: American Muscle Car TV Show)

“[Most intriguing was] the ease with which the GNX will run those 0-60 mph times. The supercars of 15-20 years ago used 7 normally aspirated liters, or more, to do what the Buick does with 3.8, a turbo, and an intercooler.”

– John Lamm, Road & Track Editor-at-Large (June 1987)

“More than a straight-line rocket sled, the GNX is a suspension tuned to hug the corners like a Grand Prix car.”

– Paul Garson, Car Craft (September 1987: The Ultimate American Muscle Machine)

“For you who remember the spine-snapping GTO's, Road Runners, 4-4-2's and Shelbys of 20 years ago and think they'll never be equalled in this era of desmogged wimpmobiles, they have. And passed. By the Buick GNX.”

“And they came up with a 300 hp stroker that looks like Darth Vader's Staff Car. One that, unlike the GTO's and Road Runners, doesn't pitch and yaw when you ask for a smoking burnout. It goes straight. And goes. And goes.”

– Scott Heimer, Philadelphia Daily News Auto Editor (1987: Ride On!)

“In a world of sleek shapes and refined manners, the GNX is an ax-wielding barbarian laying waste to everything in its path.”

“Rockets to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds.”

“Darth Vader, your car is ready.”

– Tony Assenza, Car and Driver (May 1987: Buick GNX)

“Buick gets in one final shot to make certain the car goes down in history as the last of the red-hot musclecars.”

Hot Rod (April 1987: GNX – The Final Option)

Hilariously Short-Sighted GNX Quotation from the Past

"I personally don't believe there's anything built today that'll make a 'classic' 20 years from now ... the new GNX? I don't think it will be a collector car."

– Rick Cole, CEO of Rick Cole Auctions, Auctioneer, speaking at the Automotive News World Congress quoted by AutoWeek in "Cole: Sell short No future hope." (August 10, 1987)

Selected Famous GNX Owners (Most are in the Registry, or have sought guidance from us)

  • Stacey Augmon (Sports – Basketball)

  • Travis Barker (Musician, Purchased and gifted by Kourtney Kardashian)

  • Nicola Bulgari (Luxury Goods)

  • Jerry Crawford (Business Franchising)

  • Ben Crenshaw (Sports – Golf)

  • Reggie Jackson (Sports – Baseball)

  • Bruce Lietzke (Sports – Golf)

  • Richard Marriott (Business – Hotels)

  • Tom Monaghan (Business – Dining)

  • Burt Reynolds (Entertainment)

  • Don Schumacher (Auto Racing)

  • Charles Schwab (Business – Investments)

  • Charlie Sheen (Entertainment)

  • Sylvester Stallone (Entertainment)

"When these things were brand new, Sylvester Stallone called me up to buy three of them. He was in his banker's office and he wanted to buy three. And I told him that the dealers have to sell them, and if he found a dealer who'd sell to him, then that's fine. And the dealers were putting $10,000 to $15,000 on top of the sticker."

– Martyn Schorr, LeMay Museum Curator, quoted by The New York Times (April 11, 2007)