The GNX Certification Program

"Everything looked right – it even had a window sticker! Bottom line is that the GNX Registry saved us from making a near $100K mistake on a clone at a major regional venue. Can't thank you guys enough."

Selling Your GNX? Get It Certified Today!

In response to overwhelming demand, the GNX Registry is proud to launch our exclusive GNX Certification Program that streamlines the sale process by providing quick, easy online confirmation that a GNX is authentic, and not one of the increasing numbers of convincingly-executed fakes, clones, mileage-rollbacks, and rebodies – including those with forged paperwork and window stickers – appearing on the market.


When a GNX is listed for sale or scheduled for auction, the Registry is typically inundated with individual requests from prospective buyers to verify a particular vehicle – these requests can run into the hundreds for eBay and major classifieds, and often many hundreds for Mecum, Barrett-Jackson, and other national venues or publications. This overwhelming flood of inquiries is difficult to manage in a timely manner, causing delays and churn that can impede or stall the bidding or selling process.

Most importantly, responding to these many requests takes away from the regular work of serving our existing Registry members.


The GNX Certification Program replaces the lengthy and burdensome individual buyer inquiry process.

With your GNX Certified, prospective buyers know immediately that your vehicle has been certified authentic by the GNX Registry. They can see your car featured on the Registry website, and they can also use a link or QR Code (provided by us) that you can include in your sale or auction listing. You can even print the QR Code and place it in your window for buyers to scan in real time.

Your buyers can proceed with 100% confidence in the integrity of your car as an authentic GNX with Certified Registry status, and not one of the many clones, fakes, replicas, conversions, or “air” cars lurking out there. Moreover, far better pricing will be achieved with confident buyers and Certified Registry status. Transparency and integrity promote higher satisfaction for both buyer and seller – before and after the sale.


The added exposure of having your GNX sale or auction featured on the GNX Registry website drives many more serious, qualified buyers right to you. Plus, your vehicle gets a dedicated, simple URL link and QR Code that you can include in your sale materials, auction listing, or classified ad – these immediately display your car's verified status right on the Registry website. This means your buyers can verify the authenticity of your car with any computer or smartphone in mere seconds quickly and easily with a single click or screen tap!

Simplicity for Both Sellers and Buyers

For sellers, GNX Certification is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • You must first be a member of the GNX Registry by having a completed Registry form on file or have previously furnished your vehicle information to the Registry. Registering your vehicle takes only a short time and, as always, there is NEVER any cost for registering a GNX or joining the Registry as a current or former owner.

  • If you plan to sell your GNX, simply contact us with the particulars (venue, auction, classified listing, etc.) and remit a nominal fee for listing and related services.

Once your GNX is Certified:

  • Your vehicle is featured prominently on the GNX Registry website for up to 1 month (30 days), instantly verifying that your vehicle is 100% legitimate and in the Registry. As always, we stand behind your GNX without revealing the VIN or sensitive information – Only your sale or auction listing is linked from the Registry website, along with positive confirmation your GNX is Certified authentic. You retain complete control of how your GNX is marketed; the Registry simply links buyers and bidders directly to you with one click.

  • You also get both a dedicated GNXRegistry.ORG URL link and an exclusive QR Code for you to feature in your advertising or vehicle literature (e.g. which buyers can access in seconds – from your online listing, classified ad, or right from the auction or showroom floor with any smartphone.

  • Basic vehicle background/highlights/bullet points, as well as up to 6 pictures can be included if you so desire (we reserve the right to edit for space, accuracy, and picture quality).

  • We will engage our network of qualified private buyers who have expressed interest in a GNX but have asked the Registry to pre-certify the cars before pursuing a purchase. Again, this is included in the service fee (we do not engage in brokering or negotiation). Please note that private sale interest is generally limited to top-level cars with limited miles, all accessories and paperwork, as well as unblemished provenance/history.

  • Plus, we will perform a Registry records search, and privately advise you of any vehicle history we may have that could be relevant to your GNX and its marketability.

For buyers, 100% confidence is only a click away:

  • Check the GNXRegistry.ORG website to see if a Certified GNX is featured for sale. Simply click the Registry link to go directly to the seller's ad, auction listing, or other venue – you can proceed immediately with confidence that the GNX is Certified authentic.

  • If you see a GNX for sale, click or scan the seller's Registry link or QR Code which will take you immediately to the GNX Registry.ORG website for positive confirmation that the GNX is Certified authentic. If there's no link, simply ask the seller to contact us and get one.