The Legend Is Born

A King Dethroned and the GNX Legend Is Born

One of the first signs that the GNX was indeed something very special came one fateful day in March of 1987 when the 6-cylinder Buick dethroned the V8 “King of the Hill” at the Milan Dragway in Michigan. On this day, the automotive world was turned upside-down when a factory stock Buick GNX handily thrashed a Callaway Twin Turbo B2K C4 Corvette, shutting down America's performance car flagship with decisive victories in 4 out of 4 races. Adding insult to injury, the GNX was carrying the weight of two extra passengers along for one of the runs!

“As you can see in the video, I brought the power up to ~1900 rpm and waited for the ‘Pinks style’ arm drop. The GNX hooked-up and just started pulling away from the red Corvette and continued to out accelerate the Corvette all the way down the track.

As we were coming through the traps, [my wife] Angie said to me: ‘Why is the Corvette slowing down?’ I told her: ‘The Corvette wasn't slowing down. We were pulling away from the Corvette!’

– Driver Tom Weber (with wife and son in the car for one of the runs)