About the GNX

An Introduction to the Legendary 1987 Buick GNX

1987 was the final year of the tremendously successful Regal Grand National series from Buick, which had roots going back to 1982 in both NASCAR and street production performance vehicles. With such a strong track record, it was only fitting that this beloved model run of groundbreaking turbocharged musclecars would be punctuated with a stunning exit into automotive history. What came to be that final curtain call of the GM “G” Body vehicles would be commemorated by the unveiling of the limited edition Grand National eXperimental, a.k.a. the GNX – the “Grand National to End All Grand Nationals.”

Only produced in a small, individually-numbered edition of 547 vehicles in 1987, the Buick GNX represents the pinnacle of Grand National, Buick, General Motors, and all U.S. brand automotive performance and handling for the period. All GNX's began life as fully-optioned Grand Nationals that were whisked away from Buick to ASC/McLaren for extensive performance, handling, interior, and exterior modifications.

From this was born what is arguably the most menacing, most significant modern domestic supercar ever produced: The Buick GNX.