About Us

Who We Are

The Official Buick GNX Registry & Owners Association at GNXRegistry.ORG is the authoritative compendium of data and resources focused on one model exclusively: The 1987 Buick GNX. We are fellow owners and enthusiasts chartered to maintain the provenance and integrity of these very special vehicles for future generations.

What We Do and Why

We have established a continually-evolving database of information on each and every Buick GNX built, including each car's production details, chain of ownership, and individual history where possible. This provenance, combined with GM and ASC/McLaren factory production data, has benefited owners and prospective owners alike. It has also been used to separate the increasing number of convincingly-built clones and outright fakes from the highly-valued genuine, legitimate cars, thus protecting the integrity of the marque.

What We Maintain

The GNX Registry is grateful for the many contributions from current and past caretakers of these 547 supercars, as well as the assistance from knowledgeable enthusiasts who contact us. In addition to ownership dates, mileage, and some very interesting stories, we have been entrusted with many artifacts including manufacturer data, window stickers, build sheets, and dealer paperwork. We have even reunited owners with original materials and accessories for their cars that were previously believed to be lost.

Your Role and Our Commitment to Service Without Membership Fees

Founded by owners as a service to the Buick community and as a labor of love and respect for these cars, the GNX Registry has absolutely no fees for membership or participation. Instead, we ask only for your contributions of information on a particular car (or cars) to help keep the Registry as current and accurate as possible, regardless of your ownership status. Before investing in a particular vehicle, prospective owners are encouraged to check our website for Certified GNX Vehicles Available to ensure authenticity.

Benefits of Membership and Privacy for Owners

Remember, if you now own or have ever owned a Buick GNX you need to contact us to be officially recorded as one of the Fortunate 547. In addition to significantly enhancing the value of your GNX investment, joining will ensure your vehicle is not missing or misrepresented in the Registry. Membership also accords owners special status and privileges, including access to documentation and details on their particular car unavailable anywhere else – not even on the window sticker, trunk label, or build sheet. Plus, members have the option to receive newly-uncovered information about the GNX marque, production details, valuations, market trends, guidance on insurance, care, and maintenance, as well as other data not available to the general public. Most importantly, we may have artifacts for your particular vehicle. As always, complete confidentiality of personally identifiable owner information and VIN data is assured.

So make your mark by contacting us today – don't lose your place in automotive history!