The Official Buick GNX Registry

& Owners Association

Our mission is the protection, preservation, and documentation of Buick GNX vehicles and their provenance.  We are the record of authority on each of these supercars, providing vital information and assistance to fellow owners and enthusiasts.  We maintain exclusive factory production records to authenticate any GNX, as well as comprehensive warranty and vehicle histories.


For comprehensive and accurate information about the Buick GNX, you've come to the right place.  Please explore all we have to offer and get in touch with us if you:

The GNX Certification Program

Please see our Certified GNX Vehicles Available section if you are interested in acquiring or selling a legitimate example of this very special marque.  Given our priority of serving existing members, the Registry is unable to respond to the large volume of individual emails about the authenticity of a car listed elsewhere, unless the seller has pre-certified with us.  Checking this website is the only way to positively confirm a particular vehicle is a genuine GNX and not one of the increasing numbers of convincingly-executed fakes, clones, mileage-rollbacks, and rebodies appearing on the market.