Certified GNX Vehicles Available


Each vehicle above is known to the GNX Registry and has been certified by means of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification. Using factory records, the GNX Registry has determined that each is one of the original 547 genuine, authentic Buick GNX vehicles based on the VIN provided to us. Further, each has been entered or has been certified eligible for entry into the Official GNX Registry.*

*VIN CERTIFICATION ESTABLISHES WITH CERTAINTY THAT THE VEHICLE TO WHICH THE PROVIDED VIN WAS ORIGINALLY ASSIGNED IS A GENUINE, AUTHENTIC BUICK GNX. This is not an endorsement, assurance, or warranty of the condition, originality, correctness, completeness, provenance, history, title status, or ownership of the vehicle, or of its parts, accessories, paperwork, or other items, nor does it assure the accuracy of any claims made by owners, representatives, or any other parties. Such determinations may only be made by an in-person inspection by a qualified, experienced professional.