Certified GNX Available

This award-winning GNX is being offered by its longtime caretaker.  It has been VIN certified as authentic and entered in the GNX Registry, originally delivered to Gus Machado Buick in Hialeah, Florida.  Over the years, it made its way to North Carolina, then to the current owner in South Carolina where it has resided since 2000. Additional information below has been provided by the owner:

Condition:  Excellent throughout, high-level exterior refinish, nicely detailed engine bay and undercarriage.
Mileage:  49,150
Mechanical:  Engine rebuilt with roller cam, original turbocharger rebuilt, bagged, and boxed with car.  TA49 turbo installed, along with 009 injectors for excellent drivability.  Fitted with RC stainless steel replacement exhaust system.
Awards:  Prestigious Buick Club of America (BCA) Senior Gold Award at the 2012 BCA Nationals in Charlotte, NC.  This GNX achieved the same score as a trailered 500-mile GNX at the same event.
Accessories:  Ceramic GNX turbocharger, complete original exhaust system.
Location:  South Carolina, USA
Summary:  Reflecting the care of a fastidious owner, this GNX is a near show-quality example that can still be driven and enjoyed.
Inquiries:  Contact the Registry.